Lost Highway Black IPA

lost_highway_infoABOUT: Lost Highway Imperial Black IPA is a robust imperial IPA that balances the malt characteristics with 100 IBUs of bitterness and finishes with roast and coffee flavors from the Black Patent malt. This big, balanced beer drinks smoothly. Try pairing it with spicy Mexican and Asian foods or try it against a rich dessert like tiramisu.We dedicated this beer to those stretches of Route 66 lost in time. Urs brewed this for a fun seasonal, but our guests insisted on it and now it’s a Mother Road staple. Black IPA, Black Ale, Cascadia Dark? Whatever you call it, enjoy!

AVAILABILITY: Sixth Barrel Kegs, Half Barrel Kegs, and Coming Soon in Four Packs and Cases of Twelve Ounce Heritage Bottles


Gold Medal US Open Beer Championship 2012 – American Pale Ale

About: Roadside American Ale was our answer to the arms race on hoppy beers. We crafted our pale ale to be extremely hoppy in flavor and aroma, but not bitter. Enjoy this showcase of American hops that share a medium body and excellent malt balance. We kept the alcohol at a sessionable level so you can enjoy a pint or two.This beer was inspired by the many roadside attractions that populate stretches of two lane road. We were especially enamored with Jackrabbit, Arizona; a gasoline stop on Route 66 between Winslow and Holbrook made famous by the ‘Here It Is’ billboard. Stop in a see the friendly folks at the Trading Post as you drive through. They have soft drinks, memorabilia, and Indian crafts. Make sure to ride the rabbit!Drive the stretch of original two lane Route 66 from Jackrabbit to Joseph City that runs parallel to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe mainline.

This is an iconic stop along Route 66 with the recently re-painted billboard that has been parodied in popular culture including the Disney movie, Cars.

Availability: Six Packs and Cases of Twelve Ounce Heritage Bottles



ABOUT: Gold Road was created as an easy to drink beer; interesting enough for a craft drinker and enticing for a novice. Gold Road is light in color, light in alcohol, but has an approachable maltiness with a dry and slightly fruity finish.As a light and refreshing beer that dances on the tongue, this beer reminded us of the famous serpentine curves that carve through the mountains and canyons near Oatman, Arizona. Although most of the gold mining ended years ago and these stakes have been reclaimed by the desert, there is still one gold mine directly underneath Route 66 at a depth of 500′. If you can’t make it to the mine, find this gold colored ale in your favorite stores.

AVAILABILITY: Sixth Barrel Kegs, Half Barrel Kegs, and Six Packs and Cases of Twelve Ounce Heritage Bottles