It began on a road trip...

Driving on a dark stretch of two lane road, founders Michael and Alissa Marquess were pondering how to better live their creed of ‘finding joy in the adventure’. They came up with a plan that brought together their passions of craft beer, travel, Arizona and the enjoyment of life; they decided to create a brewery.

The Mother Road was the moniker given to U.S. Highway 66 by Grapes of Wrath author John Steinbeck, as he shared the story of the fictional Joad family, who traveled the road in hopes of trading desperation and heartache for hope and new beginnings. The Mother Road Brewery now resides along a lost portion of the storied highway, symbolizing both the journey we’ve made and our passion for craft beer, motoring and history.

Our Staff

We've built a team that shares a need for adventure. Surrounding ourselves with passionate explorers and craft beer lovers has allowed for a unique team to experiment with unending collaborations and styles. Creating bold beers to pair with your travels is what inspires us. Not all of us know exactly how we got here, but are enjoying each day's new experiences.


Mission and Values

The Mission of Mother Road Brewing is to hand craft and distribute distinguished beers with respect for history, our community, and the environment. We sell to the consumer by expanding their awareness of beer culture, beer and food pairings, and evoking place and history. We provide our customers the finest beer value at a reasonable price.

Our Vision is to become a Southwest regional brewery by utilizing local products whenever possible, engaging our employees and management in process and decision making, seeking green and innovative technologies to aid in beer production, and involving the community in our brewery with mutually beneficial partnerships.

We seek to accomplish the Mission and Vision with the following values:

Integrity – Do what you say and honor your word. This applies to all company relationships; staff, consumers, shareholders, suppliers, and distributors.

Respect – For where we began and what we will accomplish next. We have a duty to the history of brewing and our community, but are biased to innovation; taking our respect for the past and applying it forward.

Creative – Thoughts and actions in our daily operations. Through an empowered and imaginative team, we fashion new beers and processes to advance craft brewing and our company.

Puckish – In our enjoyment of life and what we do. After all, we have a great job; brewing beer.

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