Here It Is! Artwork for Roadside American Ale
Roadside American Ale
Inspired by the Jack Rabbit Trading Post on old Route 66

Here it is! Declare the signs for Jack Rabbit Trading Post.  These signs and the roadside attraction of the big cement Jack Rabbit are the inspiration behind the artwork for our Roadside American Ale. This roadside attraction is near Joseph City Arizona on old Route 66.

Last week we wrote about the new Arizona Kicks on Route 66 book by Roger Naylor.  Roger was kind enough to send me this sneak peek of a photo by photographer Larry Lindahl from inside the book , and we thought you’d enjoy seeing it along side the Roadside artwork:

Jack Rabbit Here It Is Sign

This is an iconic stop along Route 66 with the recently re-painted billboard that has been parodied in popular culture including the Disney movie, Cars.

For a bit of history in the trading post you can find information on their site: Jack Rabbit Trading post

And for more history about Joseph City and the Jack Rabbit Trading post see here: Legends of America, Jackrabbit

We are especially enamored with Jackrabbit, Arizona and it’s quirky ‘Here It Is’ billboards. If you get a chance to travel this stretch of Route 66 be sure to drop by the Trading Post as you drive through. They have soft drinks, memorabilia, and Indian crafts.

Make sure to ride the rabbit!