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Tower Station cracks Top Rated American IPAs list

Just six months after its release, Mother Road’s Tower Station has climbed onto Beer Advocate’s list of Top Rated American IPAs.

The 7.3% ABV beer, crafted in our downtown Flagstaff facility, nudged into the 100th spot on the beer rating website last week. With IPAs being the dominant craft beer style in the U.S., snagging one of the top spots in this category is an honor, the Mother Road crew said.tower station

A generous helping of Citra hops give this copper orange-hued beer aromas of tangerine and pineapple. Pilsner and Pale malts create a subtle, yet complex grain bill that balances out hop-derived flavors of tropical fruit, grapefruit peel and pine to finish the journey.

The Mother Road brewers, led by Production Manager Campbell Morrissy, taste tested five versions of the Tower Station IPA before nailing down the final recipe.

“Alissa and I gave the brew team a general outline of a beer we desired and they ran with it,” Mother Road Co-Founder Michael Marquess said. “We are proud of Campbell and the team and delighted at how craft lovers are celebrating Tower Station.”

To top it off, Mother Road decided to package Tower in distinctive 16-ounce convertible cans for ultimate flavor enhancement. Thanks to an entirely removable top, beer lovers can “drop the top” on the can leaving them with an aluminum pint glass.

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