Where are we? Ah yes, Day 146

Well, it has been 146 days since Urs and I first took a hammer to the Milum Building to begin carving out Mother Road Brewing Company.  A long while, but short in the larger view of creating Flagstaff’s newest craft brewery.  Of course, what you really want to know is when we will be open.  We are striving each day to accomplish this goal – we are thirsty too!

So, to our status.  The floor is in and is draining well.  However, a setback occurred yesterday.  The acid wash used to ensure the bonding of the epoxy flooring unfortunately ruined the self leveling concrete that was filling the expansion joints, formed the wheelchair ramp, and smoothed the rough floor areas.  This loose concrete must be removed and the floor re-cleaned.  New concrete will be utilized for the ramp and patches.  This will cost us one to two weeks until we can attempt epoxy again.

The floor aside, all other construction is progressing well.  Acorn Services has been outstanding on the electrical.  We pulled (or rather pushed) the 200 amp service from the rear of the brewery to the mechanical room this morning.  This was not easy!  It was a five wire bundle that had to travel 90 feet and took four of us to get it through.

The plumbing is largely complete and is ready for the service switch-over with the gas company.  Unisource pulled a no call – no show last Friday for our gas new meter and we have not heard from them yet.  Hopefully, they will get on it…

The Tap Room Tasting Bar is coming along.  Scott Moore, my brother in law, is constructing the bar.  As a renaissance man, he does everything from fine woodworking, to rain catchment, to practical solar engineering.  We are using quarter sawn Ponderosa Pine heartwood, from trees salvaged from the Litttle America fire, from Silas at our local sawmill, AP Sawmill and Lumber.  The tree was several hundred years old and a few feet in diameter.  We will have eight stools and a leaning area for those of you who prefer to stand while enjoying a pint.

Our last bit of news is that the brewhouse is in the brewery.  The boiler is being ducted and vented and we should start running steam lines in the coming week.  This means we can start dry, or rather wet, runs of the equipment in preparation for the final equipment testing and signing off by the various agencies which oversee our operations.

Thank you for keeping with us through this process.  It has been 11 months since I quit my job as an appraiser to follow my passion and created Mother Road Brewing Company.  I am hopeful we can wrap construction up this month and start making beer.  See you for a pint soon!